The Black Educational Achievement Movement

We work to ensure that black students have access to high quality, culturally-specific educational experiences that prepare them to compete in our global workforce for careers with family-sustaining wages and advancement possibilities.

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Our flagship event is the Black Student Success Summit

Our inaugural gathering at Portland Community College in 2014 assembled more than 200 Black students, community professionals, and educators.

By March 2015, the summit outgrew its location and collaborated with Portland State University to assemble 300 participants.

In 2016 the news began to spread across school districts and social media. Students wanted a place where they could come together to express their dreams, hopes, and fears in an environment that "mirrored their lived experiences".  That year we engaged with over 420 black students from across the state of Oregon to join us at Portland State University.

We exceeded our aspirational goals in 2017 by expanding our reach and unifying over 550 high school and college students. In addition, BEAM is always grateful for the parents and over 90 professionals who make up our Village and help us integrate more career and technical industries that create stronger passageways to success.

We are getting ready for April 14, 2018, by once again increasing our student participation by reaching out to institutions outside the Portland region to include the Mid- and South Willamette Valley, and the state of Washington. Please join us to make that year our greatest ever.


Vision & Mission:

To interrupt the generational cycles of struggle for educational attainment and socioeconomic success for Black youth and adults in Oregon.

We accomplish this by offering individuals and group training’s, workshops, classes and seminars focused on positive identity development, high academic standard and professionals who are trained in the common core development.

In addition, to learning about education & careers opportunities
We want to ensure students of African descent who attend the BSSS
receive a high quality, cultural-specific, educational experience that will spark their desire
to explore more of their rich history.

2017 BSSS Photo Gallery

We represent 545 High School and College Students, 95 Professionals, 35 Parents, and 20 Middle Schoolers of African descent.




Learn more about the Black Student Success Summit, our Middle Passage to Education, our team, or opportunities to partner with us in this important work.