Freedom to Grow

BEAM Village is a collective of Black educational service providers united under the mission to break generational cycles of socioeconomic suppression for Black residents through community-driven educational support structures.

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We have a four-pronged approach for community engagement toward fulfillment of this mission:

  1. Community-wide public education programming for both Black youth and adults,
  2. Black culturally specific training and development for school districts and parent change agents,
  3. Intervention and family liaison services for Black students, and
  4. Policy and practice research and development.

This focus makes it possible for BEAM collaborators to impact social change for Black community members at individual, community, and societal scales. Our members work together toward transformational change by offer programming that fit the needs of the community.

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More About Us

Register now for Middle Passage to Education (MP2Ed)

Middle Passage to Education (MP2Ed) is a one-day culturally specific orientation to high school for Black students (African-American, Biracial, African, and Multiracial students with African Ancestry) and their parents. BEAM and our village partners have united again to produce our 4th annual Middle Passage to Education (MP2Ed) – Youth of Excellence Summit.

Shaping the experiences of our youth to grow into strong, successful adults.

Learn more about the Black Student Success Summit, an annual program hosted by BEAM Village.

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