BEAM provides a collective "village" model with many community "huts" to ensure Black and Multiracial Students of African Descent have access to high quality, culturally-specific educational experiences, that prepare them to compete in the global workforce for careers with family sustaining wages, entrepreneurship ventures, or sustaining the Trades.

BEAM outcomes include:

  • 84% of students made connections with Black professionals who have careers in fields that students intend to pursue. 48% felt they found a potential mentor. As one BSSS student put it,” many Black professionals, engineers, biologists, lawyers and politicians. And I felt like, sitting in that room... I BELONG HERE!”

  • 95% of students report feeling better prepared for school and work because of what they learned at the summit

  • Of the 786 students who visited the BSSS College and Career Fair, 89% reported retrieving essential information and or connections that would lead to college enrollment or internships

  • 75% of educators who attended the culturally responsive teaching workshop at the MP2Ed “strongly agree” that they will apply what they learned to their job

  • 90% of MP2Ed students reported learning new facts about Black leaders. More than half (53%) of students could recall the names and accomplishments of Black leaders who were previously unknown to them prior to the event

  • Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has lauded BEAM for their use of evidence based solutions and data driven instructional design.
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Black Student Success Summit 2016 RECAP