MYID CTE Sessions

Minority Youth Industry-specific Development (MyID) Programming:

Industry Recruitment Workshops


  • We recognize that our one-day BSSS event is great, but inadequate to create the lasting interest and competency development necessary for Black youth to successfully enter careers within CTE career clusters, so we have worked with businesses to design culturally-specific supplemental instruction that brings relevance to schoolwork, reduces summer learning loss, and creates safe spaces for youth to cultivate their membership within the profession of their choosing.
  • These post-summit activities have been dubbed MyID (Minority Youth Industry-specific Development) programming because they were selected and will be evaluated based on the degree to which they help students develop a lasting identification with their future profession. Id is also what one would use to be recognized for entry, in this case entry into a specific discipline.


Our Theoretical Framework: Recent research focuses on the importance of identity formation as a major factor in persistence and retention in STEM disciplines. Under this framework, holistic development of students in CTE career clusters would essentially entail helping students become self-recognized members of CTE communities of practice.

We understand that identity formation does not occur in a vacuum, like learning, it is a social process. Students are forming who they are while navigating larger societal structures that both push traditional definitions upon them and limit opportunities for activities that foster identity formation. Therefor we expose Black youth to the CTE community in a relevant and affirming way, as to spark interest in membership and facilitate recognition that membership is possible.