Recent research focuses on the importance of identity formation as a major factor in persistence and retention in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. Carlone and Johnson (2007) describe science identity formation as a process that involves three interrelated components:

  1.  Competence – developing self-efficacy and confidence in abilities,
  2. Performance – demonstrating knowledge through discourse and practice, and
  3. Recognition – acknowledgement of interest and abilities by oneself and significant others (e.g., parents, teachers, science and technology professionals, and peers). Under this framework, holistic development and retention of students in Career/Technical Education (CTE) career clusters would essentially entail helping them become self-recognized members of CTE communities of practice.

The MyID Industry Recruitment Workshops are a series of post-summit extended learning activities designed to nurture identity development in the CTE industries that students identify most interested in at our annual Black Student Success Summit.

The MyID workshops are daylong events where students learn from and work side by side with industry professionals of color who mirror their career aspirations. The day begins with a panel of professionals whose work is within the same discipline, introducing their role and associated responsibilities (e.g., construction would include electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.). The students then recognize a preferred role and spend the next section of the day in that role's subgroup to learn details about the potential pathways to and resources for success in that role. This information session is then followed by a problem based learning opportunity, where each subgroup works on their aspect of a large problem. Each day will end with students creating and committing to a plan for continued involvement in training for their chosen career path that includes both formal and extracurricular learning opportunities.

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