The Middle Passage through Education Summit is designed as a culturally specific orientation to high school. Black and multicultural middle school students of African descent, and their parents, are invited to engage in interactive workshops centered on strategies for optimizing the high school experience through strategic planning, parental advocacy, and effective use of both school- and community-based resources. As with the Black Student Success Summit, all activities are culturally specific, in that they are created and implemented by Black professionals representing both public and private sectors acting in concert with Black educators. Moreover, workshop topics are the result of “lessons learned” findings from the annual BEAM Black community needs assessment.

Black high school and college student mentors add a relatable perspective on making the most out of college, with an impact only possible with near-peer interactions. Ultimately, the Middle Passage to Education is intended to foster a proactive approach to high school completion, such that parents and students feel competent, engaged, and culturally aware during the secondary school years.