Middle Passage to Education

Middle School Students & Parents

BEAM Village is honored to collaborate with other community and national partners who all provide Afrocentric Learning Solutions to youth in Oregon to implement one of our most engaging events of the year.

Middle Passage to Education (MP2Ed): Youth of Excellence Summit  MP2Ed is a full-day, culturally specific orientation to high school, higher education, and community awareness for Black and Multiracial middle school students of African descent and their parents.

This event engages students and their parents in plenary sessions and interactive workshops where they will learn practical strategies for optimizing the high school experience through strategic planning and parental advocacy. Participants will learn how to make effective use of both school and community based resources.

All MP2Ed activities are intended to give youth and their parents a platform to dialogue with and learn from Black professionals, high school, and college students regarding academics, personal decision-making and advocacy.  High school and college student mentors will be on hand to add a unique perspective on educational engagement, with an impact only possible through near-peer interactions.

Ultimately, the Middle Passage to Education Summit
is intended to foster a proactive approach to high school completion, such that parents and students feel proficient, ready to engage and thrive the secondary school years.

In 2015 PPS board was the only Oregon school district to approve “Ethnic Studies” as an elective course for high school students. However, as members of the Black community in Portland, we are responsible for standing together to create well-designed, culturally-relevant, sustainable programming to enlighten youth about their rich, and multifaceted Heritage. In this way, we increase the likelihood that Black students will leave high school ready to take on challenges in the workplace, as citizens and in higher education.

Below: poster and photos from our past events.

Black Middle School Summit-1


In addition, BEAM will feature Khalid el-Hakim, former Detroit Public School teacher and current Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois. El-Hakim is the founder of, “The Black History 101 Mobile Museum”. This exhibit is a collection of over 5,000 original artifacts of Black memorabilia that dates from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to Hip Hop Culture.

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum provides museum quality traveling exhibits and educational programs that promote social studies and social skills best practices for K-12 schools.  The Black History 101 Mobile Museum has a proven track record of success providing educational outreach curriculum development and programming in communities across the nation.

The Mobile Museum provides an opportunity for participates to develop an appreciation and understanding of the legacy of individuals and organizations whose voices have been written out of history.  As a bonus, our team has developed a customized Black History curriculum based on the museums content.



Khalid el-Hakim

Khalid El-Hakim

Biography of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum


Khalid el-Hakim is the founder and curator of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, a collection of over 7,000 original artifacts of Black memorabilia dating from the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to hip-hop culture. Khalid has been called the  "Schomburg of the Hip-Hop generation" because of his passionate commitment to carry on the rich tradition of the Black Museum Movement.   He has received national and international attention for his innovative work of exhibiting Black history outside of traditional museum spaces.  El-Hakim’s highly sought after mobile museum has been on display in 25 states, over 70 college campuses, numerous K-12 schools, religious institutions, libraries, conferences, and cultural events.  In 2013, he published The Center of the Movement: Collecting Hip Hop Memorabilia, a groundbreaking book on the material artifacts of hip-hop culture.  El-Hakim has also worked for over twenty years in the hip hop industry as a manager and/or booking agent for artists such as The Last Poets,  Proof of D12, Jessica Care Moore, 5 ELA, 3rd Eye Open Poetry Collective, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, and Jamaal "Versiz" May.  Khalid el-Hakim taught social studies in Detroit for 15 years and is currently a doctoral student in the College of Education at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana).