Many Oregon students are missing huge chunks of their education, and whether the cause is stemming from budget cuts or institutional inequity these students don’t know what they don’t know, yet we place the burden of filling in those gaps on their shoulders.

The Black youth in Oregon are in urgent need of assistance despite the notable efforts of existing support programs, recently test scores show a continually widening achievement gap between Black students and their peers. It is no secret that education is one of the great equalizers in society.

  • Whether dealing with factors outside of the classroom like gentrification and financial and food insecurity; and/or in the classroom such as the lack of Black teachers, disproportionate discipline rates, and implicit bias in teaching.

  • To expect these, or any students to successfully navigate the pitfalls of the education system on their own, using a one-size-fits-all approach, is setting them up for failure.

  • Simply put, BEAM aims to give Black students the tools they need, not just to succeed in high school and college, but to be game changers in their communities the global marketplace. However, we need your support.

  • BEAM’s current success is the product of committed community partners and volunteers that provide our students with mentorship, and resources necessary to become well-rounded, visionary thinkers and lead successful livelihoods.

BEAM needs to expand its capacity  for

 B-STRONG Rites of Passage Project

We used the framework of MP2Ed and developed a 40 hr "Rites of Passage"     Personal Development series (over 6mo)

The more support we receive from our business partners, school districts, community members, parents, and you the more services we can provide to youth who are looking for something different than the one size fits all model.

More importantly, it shows the students that WE, the community are invested in their success

Make no mistake, changing the culture of the classroom is a monumental task, but if we collectively share in the solution (NOT the BLAME) we will have all the resources we need.

The only question is, will you be joining us? DONATE NOW