What is the Black Student Success Summit?

The purpose of  the Black Student Success Summit is to enhance students’ social capital so students begin to feel unlimited in their choice of careers.  

Black Student Success Summit graphic

All BSSS activities are culturally specific, created and implemented by Black professionals representing both public and private sectors acting in concert with Black educators.  We offer interactive workshops, affinity groups, keynote speakers who illustrate success through grit, and structured networking activities.  Each year workshop topics are chosen based on student, family and community needs. We strive to ensure that the issues most relevant to Black student support are addressed in every activity of the day.

Black Student Success Summit Objectives  

  1. Inspire students to be unlimited in their choice of career.
  2. Increase students' social capacity by initiating mentoring relationships and identifying issue specific sources of support.
  3. Cultivate a growth mindset and motivation for self-initiated learning.
  4. Provide strategies for successfully making key transitions between education levels and careers.
  5. Facilitate conversations between parents, educators, and policy makers.

Graphic of summit theme
Why students attend:
 Networking, Career information, Meet with human resources experts, career counselors, find a summer job placement, explore the many scholarships, receive information about internships, and talk to different college recruiters

Why students stay: Compelling conversations with professionals, community partners, educators, and other students of African descent, sharing their experiences on the different college campus around the state.

What students leave with: Hope, inspiration, greater knowledge, strategies to get on track and ahead, new goals and self-knowledge.

Photos from last year's Summit


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