Employer Sponsorships & Career Vendor Invitation

Legacy Creator $10,000

  • $1,000 Scholarship Giving to Student by (Your Company)
  • Lunchtime Guest Speaker (approximately 10 mins)
  • Village Supporter “Core Packet”


Game Changer $7,500

  • “MYID Industry Event” Sponsored by your company – (At your location site - Optional)\
  • Your professionals working hands-on with more than 15 - 20 students to learn industry specifics while aiding students to discover their career path. Providing a company tour (Optional).
  • Panelist (2-3 ) in a variety of BSSS Workshops in your industry
  • Village Supporter “Core Packet” (See Below)


Transformational Leader $2,500

  • Build your own Industry Workshop: Professionals from your organization will the BEAM evaluator to create a panel (limit 4 staff) that can discuss topics that relate to working in your industry.
  • Village Supporter “Core Packet” (See Below)


Career Investor $1,000

  • Your Organization will have (1) panelist on a BSSS workshop allied with your industry
  • Village Supporter ‘Core Packet” (See Below)


Village Supporter (Core Vendor Packet) $800

  • Organization’s name will be included in all print, non-print materials, and Social Media Advertising
  • Vendor Table, with lunch provided
  • The organization will be listed as a supporter on the BEAM Village website for (1) year


Union, Trade Schools & For-Profit Institutions $500

Non-Profit Educational Organizations $500



Post-Secondary Institutions (accredited/degree-granting) $300

Must have a (.edu domain)

Greek, HBCU Alum and related Organizations .................... Plz call 


Why Your Support Matters

In 2014, the Black Educational Achievement Movement, with help from our village of supporters, planned and implemented the inaugural Black Student Success Summit (BSSS).

The BSSS is focused on academic success, college preparation, career exploration, and general life skills designed for Black and Multiracial high school and college students.  We know students needed to see others who looked like them and were willing to tell them the truth about how they persisted through the education system. Therefore we sent a call out to our Village of educators and working professionals, and asked them all, "What are the 3 things that we wish someone would have told you while you were in school". So, that year a new movement began with those people in the room who were the most impacted. 

Today all workshops are still led by local Black professionals (rare in Portland & SW Washington) who’ve agreed to share their lived experiences with student participants, and lead discussions on topics that include financial planning, job interview preparation, greater expectations in our classrooms, and exploring stereotypes within the media.

Our aim is to provide Black and Multiracial students with the tools they need to succeed beyond high school with resources and mentorship opportunities that will help them to realize their true potential and become well-rounded visionary thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. The success of our students is the product of committed community partners, volunteers, and businesses. As our support grows so does the level of services we can provide. More importantly, your support shows our students that their community is invested in their success. Make no mistake; changing the culture of the classroom is a monumental task, but with employers like you, we can ensure our students have all of the resources that they need to succeed.  

Will you join us?

We invite your organization to participate in the 6th Annual Black Student Success Summit (BSSS) held on April 6th, 2019 at Portland State University. Space is limited this year. If you choose to invest in our students, we ask that you respond by completing the Commitment Form along with payment before March 20th, 2019.

For more information on our partnerships and other funding options, please go to Support 2019 BSSS or contact Noni Causey at noni@beamvillage.org or phone (971) 303-8421.