The Black Student Success Summit is a one-day event where Black youth learn how to navigate the education-to-career pathways for various industries, through interactive workshops, affinity group caucuses, motivational speeches, and structured networking activities.

Watch this video produced by Green Lighting Black Lives Matter Youth Media Training Program to learn more about the student experience at the Black Student Success Summit.

All BSSS activities are culturally specific, in that they are created and implemented by Black professionals representing both public and private sectors acting in concert with Black educators.

Workshop topics stem from an annual Black community needs assessment, conducted in conjunction with the BSSS, so as to involve students and community members in generation and dissemination of solutions to academic, personal, and professional issues specific to the Black experience.

The overarching goal of the summit is to enhance students’ social capital such that they are empowered to be unlimited in their choice and pursuit of career.

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