"B-STRONG" Rites of Passage

Black Scholars Together Reclaiming Our Natural Greatness 

Photo May 23, 10 47 48 AM

Through the nine B-STRONG sessions, and three supplementary service learning opportunities with our Greek Fraternity and Sororities partners, youth are empowered to connect their identities as people of African Descent to discover their unique talents, skills and possibilities in life.

Upon completion of this journey youth are expected to apply their awakened consciousness to reach back into their communities and utilize their knowledge by implement a “Youth lead Advisory Counsel" that will work in conjunction with out Counsel of Elders to address the persistent and systematic challenges Students of African Descent face in the education system.

The Youth Counsel will poses the skills to identify, discuss and research critical issues that impact them, their families and community. Youth will also engage with community leaders to assess the needs of their community, envision possibilities, and work toward solutions for a healthier, and livability for community.