Our History

The Black Educational Achievement Movement (BEAM) operates as a
“Sankofa Village” model. Where a collective of Black educational service
providers and Black professionals in both the public and private sectors are committed to reaching back to help our youth, by challenging the insistent disregard of the hopes, dreams and achievements of Black students in the public and private classrooms. Hence, BEAM unites an intergenerational cross section of culturally-proficient community-based organizations that have bridged their years of expertise to elevate and acknowledge youth of African descent who are in pursuit of middle school, high school and post-secondary educational attainment that will prepare them for the globe marketplace.

BEAM Village began as a small pilot program at Portland Community College - Cascade Campus called The Passage to Higher Education (2010-14). A network of 10 to 15 Black academic advisers, educators, and students came together to use informal mentoring and supplemental learning programming to increase school retention and graduation rates of African American/Black students on the PCC campus.

Four years later, the network realized that providing co-curricular services would be insufficient without major changes in classroom practices and system-wide policies related to school and community relations. Hence, the network joined community members and planned the first Black Student Success Summit (BSSS) in March 2014.

Our Vision

Empowered Black youth and adults working together to maintain generational cycles of educational attainment and socioeconomic success.

Our Mission

Coordinate community-based change agents, instigate policy, practice reform, and deliver culturally responsive educational experiences to Black youth and adults.

Our Key Strategies

  1. Use a "change from within" approach, with community-based change agents
  2. Address root problems at individual, community, and societal scales
  3. Train parents and community members to advocate for system-wide policy change
  4. Work in partnership with educators and policymakers on reform efforts

Beam Village is 501 C3 organization. Learn more about our service providers and the BEAM Village Hub.