Poster from 2018 Black Baccalaureate event

This Black Baccalaureate is about honoring our youth and instilling a sense of cultural pride in those who have fulfilled this pivotal stage in their development. The Black Baccalaureate welcomes graduating Black students from all high schools and alternative schools in the Portland area – including students who are getting their GED.

Honoring our youth is an important way to strengthen our communities, and reclaim the village concept by bringing us all back together in a very exciting way and saying “We’re here for you, we support you, we believe in you.”

There is no limit on seating for attendees, the event is free of charge, and open to the public. As long as you are there to celebrate the shared value, the young people, you are more than welcome. That’s your ticket in – there are no reserved seats.

Students will receive their Ghanaian kente cloth to take back and wear (if they choose) to their high school graduation ceremony to represent their community. The Ghanaian kente cloth serves as an acknowledgement to our ancestors who died so that today’s students could be educated.

Please wear your cap and gown to the event.

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